EVN generates hope for socioeconomic development

evn generates hope for socioeconomic development

History flashback

After the unification of the country, the Central Power Company and the Southern Power Company were established.

Despite the shortage of resources, the power sector promoted investment in infrastructure construction and development. During the 1975-1995 period, many transmission lines and power plants were built.

The north-south 500kV single circuit transmission line put into operation in 1994 was the first 500kV transmission line in Vietnam, with a total length of 1,487km starting from Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant in the north and ending in Ho Chi Minh City.

Many power projects were carried out by Vietnamese officials and engineers instead of foreign experts.

Meeting demand

The power sector has made greater efforts to build its system. As of date, the sector has met the demand for socioeconomic development with an annual average growth of more than 10 percent, even 12-15 percent. The sector has also paid great attention to improving its service quality.

According to EVN’s report, the corporation now delivers electricity to 99.98 percent of communes and towns, including 98.83 percent of rural households and 11 out of 12 island districts.

The improved power infrastructure has also provided solid foundations for the development of the national economy in general and local economies in particular.

More importantly, power projects in remote, border and island areas, and key economic and industrial zones have contributed to reducing poverty and ensuring social order and security.

The north-south 500kV single circuit transmission line has confirmed the importance and rapid development of the

power sector in science and technology, forming a base for expansion of the national power transmission grid, and

opening up a new era for Vietnam’s power sector.

Vu Son

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