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The 500kV power transmission network, which runs through 42 provinces and cities throughout Vietnam, has been classed as a critical project to national security by the Prime Minister.Workers are repairing the 500kV transmission lineThe
The implementation of synchronous measures to improve the power supply system has brought a facelift to Vietnamese rural areas, with 99.98 percent of communes nationwide and 98.83 percent of households accessing electricity as of 2017.
(VEN) - Historical records of the power sector show that in 1954, when French forces left Vietnam, the physical infrastructure in the north consisted of five power plants with total capacity not exceeding 31.5MW and total power output of about 53 million kWh a year. By 1975, these figures stood at 451MW and 1,264 billion kWh a year, respectively. The power system was mainly used for industrial production and important services in big cities.
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